Amazing before and after footage!

As many of you know my daughter is now fully recovered from a long list of issues thanks to The Nemechek Protocol.  I am fortunate to also get to witness some amazing recovery from other parents in the Support Groups that I participate in, and the following footage is from one of those members who has given me permission to share the footage here.

This is her son before starting the protocol:

and this is him after only 3 months on The Nemechek Protocol:

These are incredible results and I could not be happier for this family!

**It is important to stress that results will vary for each individual.  Recovery from The Nemechek Protocol is slow, steady and subtle and Dr. Nemechek compares it to watching hair grow.  An excerpt from the book: “Parents often ask me how fast does the brain recover? The brain recovers as fast as hair grows. Everyday your hair looks the same length until, after a few months, you suddenly realize that you need a haircut.”
Dr. Patrick M. Nemechek, D.O.

If you would like to see more amazing recovery stories like this one – come join us in the Support Groups and see how many people are reclaiming their health and getting thier kids back!


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