Baby Adam’s Nemechek Success Story

I decided to finally write my success story for Adam.

My baby Adam was a healthy and happy little baby boy. He met all milestones as expected. He crawled at 4 or 5 months. Took his first steps at 8 or 9 months. He said words. His 18 month daycare report said he sang row your boat and rocked a baby doll like a baby. But he regressed soon after that. He stopped talking and stopped interacting with others. I still remember the day I realized he didn’t answer his name. I cried to my mom and showed her how I called his name and he didn’t ever look up. Thinking about that moment still makes me incredibly sad.

I set about looking around for something to help him. It didn’t make sense to me that genetics could account for the intense regression I saw for Adam. I set aside hours at the end of the day after the kids went to bed and looked for some hope.

Omg. I remember crying over my baby for months. Tried one thing which wasn’t the cure all it seemed to be. But never gave up hope.

I then found the protocol in August 2017. It took time to get everything correct. I got the wrong fish gummies (the weak ones). Then the correct fish gummies but no one liked those. Then I used the ultimate Omega capsules, which were popular in the group at the time.

So, we officially started at the end of October 2017. However, I started inulin in September. The very first dose showed promise. He shared his soother with his crying sister! This was amazing to me.

So … I waited. I waited for a long time in hopes he’ll be better. I saw subtle improvements so I remained patient.

However, there were occasions when I had accidentally gave him larger doses and he instantly improved. So I kept those doses.

In spring, however, I grew more and more concerned about his level of awareness. He was getting a few words here and there at the time but still seemed very much in his own world. Every time I bumped up the inulin, I would see increased awareness. However, my fish oil was higher than recommend. So, I wondered if the high Omega 3 was interfering with the protocol. I decided to drop the Omega 3 in half. This was closer to levels that are recommended. At the same time, I doubled the inulin to higher doses. This seemed to work for his awareness.

A few months went by on this dose and I didn’t see many gains. Some subtle ones which I celebrated, but far from what Dr Nemechek described as having a different child after a year.

In an around September 2018, I took stock in what I was doing and what happened when. I’m going to admit, I was upset. His words were gone and he still didn’t have awareness.

I did a few things around the same time. I got rid of all yogurt. I did a round of rifaximin. And after the rifaximin didn’t seem to cut it, I looked back and realized he needed the extra Omega 3, so I doubled it to what it was in the spring. It was when I decreased the dose that he lost his few words.

After the fish oil was increased, he gained awareness and gains started coming.

Today, he can speak! He says his letters and sings songs and counts! His words are mumbled but they are there! He didn’t have any language after he regressed. He only said the sound of E.
I’m so excited to be getting my baby back.

Sometimes I’m asked why I try to help people with this protocol. It’s really because losing hope was soul crushing and getting it back was the best feeling. I can never pay Dr Nemechek back for giving me my hope and baby back so I try to help everyone I can.

Short disclaimer. Adam’s doses and journey are his doses and journey. Please don’t immediately think your child needs high doses of oils or something right out the gate. Don’t forget, it took us about a year to get to those doses.

** Do you want to get the same success as Adam for your child? Then join The Nemechek Protocol VIP Support Group and be coached by his mom Patrice! She is one of the Support Coaches there and will use her expertise to guide you to your own Success Story!

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