The Nemechek Protocol VIP Support Group!

I am pleased to announce the launch of The Nemechek Protocol VIP Support Group!

Have you wanted to try The Nemechek Protocol but found it too overwhelming?  Did you find the book confusing?  Or maybe you did start but didn’t stick with it?  The VIP Support Group was created just for you, to help you succeed and recover your child from Autism and other developmental disorders!

This online support group is run by seasoned Support Coaches who have a deep understanding of The Nemechek Protocol and used it successfully to get recovery for their children.  Members have direct access to them for 1-1 support to help you navigate your child’s recovery and help you make sense of what you are seeing.

VIP members have access to simplified information and exclusive downloads that allow you to track your daily doses, any increases and more importantly a unique Monthly Progress Tracker chart that will allow you to compare month to month to see the improvements that are happening!

exclusive content

There are discussion forums that allow you to ask unlimited questions to the qualified Support Coaches who have used their experience to guide countless others to recover their kids using this amazing Protocol!

Being on the right doses is crucial to getting recovery on The Nemechek Protocol, so members can use the regular “check your doses” posts to confirm that they are on track.  Having a second set of eyes to review your progress eliminates the stress and confusion!

As well, we have a lot of fun in the VIP group and host regular contests and giveaways which provides members with the opportunity to win Protocol merchandise and even the chance to win a Skype session with Dr. Nemechek!

Membership is only $30/year and you can cancel at any time!  To join simply follow this link to register: 

Take the guesswork out of recovery and let us help you get success from The Nemechek Protocol for your loved ones!




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