Jack’s Nemechek Success

Claire: I have known that there was something not quite right with my sons development since he was around 8 months old- no pointing or mimicking- no waving bye bye and lots of arm flapping and toy tapping

It took a while for people to listen to my concerns and in November 2017 he was diagnosed with asd. He was 27 months old. It was a bittersweet moment as finally we had gotten people to listen but also we were terrified for the future.

He has attended a child development centre from 21 months where he had play based therapy and some speech and language input- he wasn’t interested in signing or trying other techniques so until np he was completely non verbal.

I joined countless support groups on Facebook and one of them led me here to NP- I can’t even remember whose post/ comment it was but I would love to buy that lady a drink!

Here is our progress in only 8 short weeks:


NP has changed our lives and my boy continues to grow and change every day- he’ll be 3 years old next month and we have setbacks and bad days where he still gets hyper and unfocused but we can cope- knowing that we are finally able to be hopeful for the future.

Claire and Jack

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