Jack’s Nemechek Success

Claire: I have known that there was something not quite right with my sons development since he was around 8 months old- no pointing or mimicking- no waving bye bye and lots of arm flapping and toy tapping

It took a while for people to listen to my concerns and in November 2017 he was diagnosed with asd. He was 27 months old. It was a bittersweet moment as finally we had gotten people to listen but also we were terrified for the future.

He has attended a child development centre from 21 months where he had play based therapy and some speech and language input- he wasn’t interested in signing or trying other techniques so until np he was completely non verbal.

I joined countless support groups on Facebook and one of them led me here to NP- I can’t even remember whose post/ comment it was but I would love to buy that lady a drink!

Here is our progress in only 8 short weeks:


NP has changed our lives and my boy continues to grow and change every day- he’ll be 3 years old next month and we have setbacks and bad days where he still gets hyper and unfocused but we can cope- knowing that we are finally able to be hopeful for the future.

Claire and Jack

Mermaid’s Mom:  If you would like to get the same recovery as Claire & Jack, then join The Nemechek Protocol VIP Support Group like Claire did!  There you will connect with well-educated Support Coaches who will guide you to your own success story!

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  1. Hlo; First of all feeling glad to read ur success story . Jack GOD BLess u always. I doesn’t have any success story but want to be succeed. My son is 11.5 yrs old nonverbal having moderate autism and ADHD , no interest in studies, no school, lots of tantrum, always prenounce unwanted sounds, constipation and gut problem. I didn’t go for any test likeOAT to access yeast, bcs i can’t afford so much expenses.At present on my own i m giving him Nordic Natural’s cod liver gels (EPA/DHA 750) Calcium megnisium citrate with vit d3 and little bit GFCF diet. I WANT TO GO FOR NEMCHEK PROTOCOL BUT CONFUSED HOW TO START. IS IT NECESSARY TO GIVE RIFAXIMIN TAB BEFORE STARTING PROTOCOL TO CHILDREN ABOVE 10 YEARS. DID U USE ANY SUCH TABS BEFORE STARTING PROTOCOL. ONE MORE QUESTION IS DO THE CHILD FACE ANY PROBLEM LIKE STOMACH PAIN OR CRAMPS DUTING STARTING DAYS OF PROTOCOL.pls pls pls guide me ur guidance can be vry fruitful or helpful for me.


    1. Hi Ranjana! I love that you want to start The Nemechek Protocol and hopefully, I can help you with that! We just recently started The Nemechek Protocol VIP Support group which is a website geared to helping people get started and helps them navigate the protocol and get them on their way to recovery: https://www.npvipsupportgroup.com/ There is also a Facebook support group for people on the protocol that you might find helpful!


  2. Thank you Ranjana! I hope you join our group and get some guidance to help your son, and I can one day read your success story!
    The protocol is really simple yet so very effective! My son gets more and more aware every day and he’s connecting with us in ways we never thought possible! Sending love to you and your son ❤️❤️❤️


  3. That’s so great to see! Thanks for sharing Claire!! Just wondering since we’ve been on NP (non-speaking, 6yr boy ASD – severe) since February 2018 (added in FO, had to adjust dosages, changed FO brands and recently changed Inulin brand…) did you also do the Vagal Nerve part of the protocol? thanks again… such a cute little boy!! 🙂


  4. Your son Jack is so cute!! Well done on his process thus far! Would love an update on his verbal since the vid. He is so much like our son, Jett that my wife and I did a couple double takes while watching! Our son, Jett is 6 is completely non-verbal. We just began the modified NP a week ago. Went with modified first because he is very hyper. I need help managing the introduction of insulin when the time has come. Also curious if there is a protocol approved store bought snack list ie chips, pretzels, crackers, etc you know of. I guess someone in this group, of which I just joined, could answer that.

    God bless you and your beautiful jack! I hope to be posting my own video of Jett soon 🙂



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