Caitlyn’s Nemechek Success Story!

Caitlyn 3.jpg

We are now only one month on The Nemechek Protocol and I can’t believe how quick that month has gone past and how easy the Nemechek Protocol has been. Before we started my head was all over the place and I was so confused about how it worked or even how to start to do it -almost to the point that I was considering not doing it. Then a lovely mum on the support group took her time to help me through it and point me in the right direction.

The first week was finding our feet with the supplements which are now a part of our everyday routine when we wake up and now I am SO GLAD WE STUCK WITH IT!

Over the first few weeks we saw different signs of awakening – increased sensory, being a bit mean to her sister, really hyperactive, sleepiness, and she started to hand flap – which was a different stim to the one she usually does – and not wanting to go to bed. But most of that has gone away now – apart from placing her whole hand in her mouth and playing with her tongue.

The past month she is a completely different child!

Caitlyn has a genetic disorder on the 17th chromosome. She hasn’t been diagnosed with autism but I strongly feel she has it.  She has sensory issues, possible ADHD, verbal apraxia, hypermobility and low tone, anxiety issues, coordination and balance issues and she struggles to concentrate and focus on tasks.

Well, one month in and everyone around us family, friends, school, clubs she attends and appointments she goes to all have said the difference in her is amazing!  She does something new each day!  She is so much calmer than before and her anxiety is a lot less.  Her speech has really improved over the past month and she seems a lot more confident in her attempts to talk and is copying all our words now.  For example – rather than just shouting “MUM!!” and getting upset when she couldn’t get her buggy/ stroller out to play with she will use her own words now and say “mummy – stuck!”

Even her co-ordination is so much better than before. She falls over a lot less and can move her body in ways that she was unable to do before. Her understanding and ability to follow instructions have amazed me so much since starting. I’ve spoke to other professionals that deal with the brain and they have all said I’m doing the right thing and that I will see amazing results from it over the next few months.

Caitlyn 2.png

I always thought that this was just how she was due to her syndrome with all the other issues she has been diagnosed with, now I realise that its not all down to that and that I can actually help her get better!!

For all the mums that are not sure if they should do The Nemechek Protocol as it feels over whelming at the beginning, please try you have nothing to lose but everything to gain!!

If you would like to get the same recovery as Caitlyn for your child, then join The Nemechek Protocol VIP Support Group! There you will connect with well-educated Support Coaches who will guide you to your own success story!

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