Recovery Continues!

We are now at 11 months on The Nemechek Protocol and Sara is still recovering.  When she started the protocol there was a pretty long list of things (serious medical issues) that I’d hoped it would fix – and it did!  Things like Chronic Fatigue, debilitating pain and difficulty with mobility.  Initially, I just wanted her well enough to get out of bed!

As she healed I got greedy and soon hoped it would improve other issues like sensory overload, gluten intolerance, hearing issues, vertigo, digestive difficulties, headaches, nausea and on and on.  Eventually even throwing in healthier nails and skin.

I am happy to say that The Nemechek Protocol delivered!  Which is pretty impressive.  But perhaps the most impressive thing is the subtle issues that have improved.  Things that I did not even realize needed to be “fixed”.

I have always described Sara (even when she was very young) as dignified, reserved and mature because she was always so “proper” like the Queen. She had a sense of humor, understood jokes, made jokes and even laughed appropriately – but she was a dignified “Royal” who only smirked while the rest of us guffawed and snorted at something funny.

Now she is laughing and snorting along with the rest of us.  She seems to get humor on a different level.  It is almost like before she knew something was funny and understood what the appropriate response was, but was not really feeling it herself.  As a person who cracks 1489693 jokes a day I was aware that, unlike her brother, she did not really think I was that funny or really got my sense of humor.  Now she does!

She was also always really easy-going emotionally. She never got sad when pets died or when friends moved away. She just seemed to roll with it and maintain a positive outlook.  She was so stoic and I thought it was to her benefit. I saw her as resilient.

Sara has always been very outgoing and social.  She loves people and her pets and has strong connections with others, so I never saw it as an area that she was struggling in and mainly attributed it to personality traits.

Now I realize she was, in fact, lacking some depth of emotion. Now when something is being discussed that is sad, touching or bittersweet she says “Can we not talk about this now?” and is now CAPABLE of becoming upset!

Again I used to view these as one of her strengths – this optimistic resilience.  But now I see that human “weaknesses” (for lack of a better word) are truly strengths and that she is such a more well-rounded person now that she feels all the feelings!

She is still capable of being mature, polite and respectful – but now she also has the ability to cut up and let loose, laugh until she cries, feel the pain of loss and work through the full range of these emotions.

There is a downside to all of this new “awareness” of course… in the past, Sara has always been an amazing public speaker. Confident and nerves of steel. Last year she did a presentation to her class about all her diagnosis and how they impact her life. It was to raise awareness for her issues and her accommodations in school. Not only was she unflappable, but she also conveyed a real sense of – “I am AWESOME in spite of all these issues!!” in her speech.

Fast forward to now.  Last month her entire class was assigned to do a speech about something they found interesting.  Kids did speeches on coffee, the Holocaust, sports and other topics that interested them.

Sara did a speech on how The Nemechek Protocol saved her life. I was super proud of her! Way to spread awareness, Sara!

Anyhow…it was a CRAZY difference in her!

A) She was worried about how it “braggy” it might come across to her peers that she found herself interesting! Prior to this, she was completely unable to imagine other people’s perceptions. We tried to work on it all the time but she lacked that ability.

B ) She was nervous! Super self-conscious and concerned about how she came across. It was literally her first case of nerves ever! Which is not a bad thing!

C) She could perceive the ways that her speech might and might not be the “winning” speech. Before she would just get it in her head that something was AMAZING and then block out any feedback or be willing to incorporate the criticism.

So here we are 10 months later and all the pieces are falling into place!  Love this protocol!

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