Dylan’s Nemechek Success Story

I have 3 boys, 13, 3 & 1. About 3 years ago my 13 year old was diagnosed with Asperger’s and was brought in for an assessment due to behavioural problems and a lack of empathy.  I was living in denial for some time and feel that if he does have Asperger’s then it is only mild.

However my 3 year old is now presenting with developmental delays especially that of speech delay.  My wife and I were concerned and have been researching for some time.  We looked into vaccinations and the damage that was being reported.

Our 3 year old Dylan seemed to be progressing normally, was starting with some words at around the 1 year mark (12 & 13 month vaccination visits) but then seemed to regress and what little words he had plateaued. A few months ago I heard about the NP & started Dylan on it – after 8 weeks on the protocol I can report the following:

Before starting Protocol (and hindsight after seeing changes):
1 – Battling to pronounce words properly & often difficult to understand.
2 – Socially withdrawn, quiet in public, little interaction with other kids of peer age.
3 – I could see Dylan trying hard to pronounce a word by often repeating it in the hope of sounding it out correctly.
4 – Repeating a word over & over until we say what the correct word is.
5 – Less engaged with greetings & goodbyes, would barely ever say hello/goodbye/goodnight etc.
6 – Took a long time to wake up completely from afternoon nap, seemed more drained/wrecked than before going to sleep, was contrary, required at least half hour cuddling and 1 on 1 time.
7 – Wasn’t content to play on his own ever.
8 – Poor appetite.
9 – Wouldn’t attempt to imitate a new sound/word.
10 – Affection was rare & almost never self initiated.

3 Weeks on Protocol:
1 – Saying I love you without prompting, generally showing more affection which is self initiated.
2 – More eye contact.
3 – More engaging with hellos/goodbyes etc
4 – Will now imitate a new sound/word, may not always get it completely correct but doesn’t hold back from trying.
5 – Wakes from afternoon nap in good form.
6 – Tantrums are shorter & less often.
7 – Much happier.
8 – Words are becoming clearer although more progress still to go….possible bad habit from saying incorrect word for so long.
9 – Putting more complex sentences together eg. “I don’t want to go to creche today, I want to go to Granny’s cause I got a cough…agh…agh…cough…cough.”
10 – Slight increase in appetite.
11 – Way more confidence in swimming & less clingy.
12 – More independent play.
13 – No more (sleep) sweats – he used to wake often completely soaked from sweating – we haven’t seen this since starting Protocol.

So as you can tell, we’ve seen a dramatic improvement!  It is now 8 weeks since we started the Protocol and we are still seeing amazing gains!!  The speech still has some way to go, the older learned words are needing improvement, but we definitely have noticed more complex sentences & increased vocabulary.

Both our 13 and 3 year old were fully vaccinated, but our 1 year old only received his first jab at 2 months and we have no intention of vaccinating any further. My 1 year old has only been on protocol for about 3 weeks, no obvious developmental delays noticed at this stage but we guessed there is no harm putting him on the protocol – if his 2 older brothers have SIBO/poor gut health then the chances are he may have too.
Overall this Protocol has worked wonders and I would recommend anyone who is sceptical or unsure to start!

Thank you very much to Dr. Nemechek for his research & his gift to all – he has given us back a more engaged, present, loving & happier child!

If you would like to get the same recovery as Dylan for your child, then join The Nemechek Protocol VIP Support Group! There you will connect with well-educated Support Coaches who will guide you to your own success story!

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