Britton’s Nemechek Success Story (so far!)

First off I would like to say this is a big step for me to talk about my children and their struggles. I’ve always been a very private person when it comes to my babies. That being said, what kind of person would I be if I didn’t spread the word about The Nemechek Protocol? A protocol that has shown us such promise and has the potential to help so many others.

Before starting the Nemechek protocol we had been treating both of my children with a biomedical approach. That included doing special diets, antifungals, B12 injections, LDA shots, and supplements. Yes, we saw improvements but nothing like this protocol!

Just last week we met with my 5yr olds teachers and they said the difference is night and day compared to last year. His speech has gone from only repeating or echoing to now answering and talking in 3-4 word sentences.  This is just since 1/1/2018!! My 7yr old is also doing amazing! One of his IEP speech goals went from 60% mastered to 90% mastered in one six week grading period. The previous grading period of 60% he wasn’t on the Protocol so I’m confident that this protocol is responsible for that success!

We also stopped the few supplements that they were taking before we started the Protocol. I was terrified of the whole yeast overgrowth, inulin feeding bad bacteria, and myths I had heard about the Protocol just like everyone else! I’m now confident it’s all bologna because I see my kids thriving! I know we still have a ways to go but I can without a doubt say we see hope the most hope we’ve ever seen! The picture posted is of all the supplements we have accumulated over the past couple of years. They were never taken all at once but when I say we tried everything...we really did!

JSP image

On January 1, 2018, we decided to take the plunge and start the start Nemechek Protocol for our family and I’m so glad we did!

Before the protocol, my 5year old son was pretty much non-verbal. He had been repeating or echoing words for a little bit but never used them unprompted. If he was ever asked a question there was never a response and his eye contact was almost non-existent. If you were to call his name out loud he would turn to look every once in a while but only on a good day. Directions? Forget about that! Those were always ignored or never understood by him.

Below you will see two videos. These two videos are of my 5year old son. The first video was taken during the “awakening “ period. It’s pretty obvious! He’s very excited, stimming, engaged, noticing noises from the other class, but he’s still only repeating the therapist’s words.

The second video was taken about a month ago during spring break. As you can see his speech has clearly improved! He’s not repeating my words anymore and he is now answering my questions with 3 to 4-word sentences!

We are so thrilled!

But, I also want people to know these are the happy times we celebrate and you aren’t seeing the negative times. The process isn’t easy and we have bad days just like everyone else on the Protocol but man, the rewards were seeing makes it all worth it!  These gains are huge to us! Not only is his speech picking up but he’s using these words unprompted in the correct context. We are currently only on week 14 but we can’t wait to see where this takes him and our family! We are forever grateful for this protocol and no words could ever describe our gratitude to Dr. Nemechek and his wife!

*One year update!

Britton is doing even better now! He is not fully recovered but he is making huge progress! I have no doubt that one day he will be recovered and it’s all because of this incredible protocol.

That being said I’ll start off at where we were in May 2018 at his IEP/ARD meeting. His progress had really been all over the place with high highs and low lows. He had actually regressed in some areas but I still had faith because I was still seeing gains at home that his teachers were overlooking at school. They became too focused on the negative things happening like many do during this process. Here is what was written in May 2018:


And a new video showing our progress:

** If you would like your child to get the same recovery as Britton, then join The Nemechek Protocol VIP Support Group like Britton’s mom did! There you will connect with well-educated Support Coaches who will guide you to your own success story!

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