If I could go back in time…

I have no regrets about the steps I took to heal my daughter.   Everything I did got me to the place where we are now.  I don’t regret the expensive therapy, testing or equipment that now sits collecting dust.

I don’t regret the hours I spent pouring over the internet, or the fact that I became so one-dimensional that I lost myself and was not fun to be around.

I don’t regret any of it.  But if I could go back in time I would change just one thing.

I would have been more open minded when people talked about the gut, nutrition, bacteria, fish oils etc.

To be clear, at the time I considered myself VERY open-minded.  My daughter was doing something called “astronaut therapy” and I was in a multitude of FB groups reading and learning about anything I could get my hands on.

But the problem (for me) was that everything that Sara had been diagnosed with was classified as a Brain Based Disorder.  Her sensory processing, visual processing, Dyspraxia etc were all failure of the brain to perform certain tasks.  All the things she struggled with daily; confusion, learning disabilities etc were also clearly rooted in brain functioning.

When I was in University I dissected a human brain.  I took it apart, removed the Circle of Willis in one piece (which impressed my professor) and studied how it worked extensively.  I knew its power and all it was capable of.  I knew it was the BOSS.  I could not imagine that the bacteria in your gut could be running the show??  Didn’t seem plausible.

So when people prattled on about Gluten Free, Dairy Free, GAPS diet, Probiotics, Fish oil, ACC, microbiomes etc. I only gave it a cursory glance, not convinced that ANYTHING you ingest could have a big impact on the brain.  It just didn’t hold my interest.  So instead, I continued to pursue therapies that focused on the brain; crossing the mid-line exercises, vision therapy, Integrated listening, sensory integration and on and on.

Until I became really desperate.  That’s when I decided to give things like GF/DF, probiotics and fish oil a whirl.  We did see improvements, but we also saw declines.  Overall, I saw enough change (good and bad) that it grabbed my interest and I started to dig deeper.  That is what led me to Dr. Nemechek and his protocol.

What I have learned since is this:  While humans are mostly made up of water – the brain is mostly FAT!

It requires both Omega 3 and Omega 9 to function properly.  Additionally, our modern diet is severely deficient in these healthy oils.   When you are not consuming these oils daily it is like your brain is being dehydrated!


Omega ratio


Once I found the Nemechek Protocol and understood this better (in conjunction with the benefits of Prebiotics vs Probiotics) we finally began to recover Sara.  We finally began to give her brain (and gut) what it needed!  And thankfully there was no special diet required.  No daunting therapy, no expensive equipment…just a daily dose of fish oil, and olive oil for her brain and prebiotics to ensure that the good bacteria is in charge!

But back then, no one was talking about these issues in a way that made me take notice.  I had no idea that all of Sara’s sensory sensitivities, processing issues, learning difficulties and health issues could be resolved with these simple ingredients.  I still actually find it mind blowing!

So if I could go back in time…that is the one thing I would have done differently.  I would have paid more attention to the information.  I would have tried to see past what ideas I had so firmly planted in my head.  An article like this one would have gotten my interest and my hope is that maybe it gets yours.

So do the research.  Look into this protocol and research what the brain and body need to function properly.  For the amazing story of how this protocol recovered my daughter watch THIS video.  Happy healing!



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