Today the The Nemechek Autism and Developmental Disorders Support Group on Facebook hit 10,000 members and I could not be more proud or happy about it!!

I started the Facebook group on June 1st, 2017 (only 7.5 months ago!) when my daughter was only 3 days on The Nemechek Protocol.  I had researched it for about 2 weeks and while there were no obvious improvements yet,  I was 100% committed to the protocol and convinced it would recover my daughter based on the science behind it.

At the time, I was just leaving the odd comments and questions to Dr Nemechek on his blog like everyone else and obsessively reading everything he wrote.  Each day I would return to see what new questions had been posted by others, and more importantly, to see what Dr. Nemechek’s responses were.  I remember one day someone asked if he could start a Facebook group so that we could all share notes with each other and he replied that unfortunately he was far too busy to do so at that time.

I immediately saw an opportunity to repay him for his generosity and willingness to share The Protocol for free, and I sent him an email offering to organize and run a Facebook group on his behalf.  I convinced him that there was a need and that there was no faster way to spread the word about The Protocol than to get on social media. I also assured him that I understood his Protocol, believed in it passionately and was committed to helping people be successful on it – bear in mind, all this after only 3 days of being on the Protocol ourselves!

Then I started to “mock up” a sample FB group – you know, just to show him in case he agreed… 😉 – and people just started asking to join.  There were 75 members approved by the time he responded!   He replied by saying that he was “impressed with my enthusiasm” but that due to legalities it was not advisable for him to be affiliated with the Facebook group.  Bummer!!

Not one to be deterred I plowed ahead full steam and starting sharing the protocol all over social media, and to anyone who made eye contact with me, and people just kept coming.   On the fourth day we had over 900 members!  And we have just continued to grow and grow.

I worked tirelessly those first few months – connecting with people all over the world and sharing our story.  The more my daughter improved (as I knew she would) the more passionate I became about The Protocol, and the more dedicated I was to spreading the word.  I don’t for a minute pretend to think that people are there because of me personally – I give full credit to this amazing Protocol and Dr Nemechek himself for that – but I hope they STAY because collectively we have created an awesome, supportive place where parents are helping each other recover their kids.

And recover them they ARE!  Each week we have have a “Sunday Success Stories” post that is filled with all the amazing gains that parents have seen that week.  Every month I compile them into a monthly “Success Stories” document that gets posted in the group. Our first month it was 12 pages long – last month it was over 45 pages!  Each page filled with the most amazing success stories.  Reading them is my favorite part of being in the group.

Occasionally, I would email Dr Nemechek and keep him updated on how big the group was getting, and each month I would send him the Success Stories.  I remember one month I received an email from Jean (Dr Nemechek’s wife) – they were knee deep in getting the book written, frantically trying to keep up with all the emails, blog comments, FB messages etc and she said:  We needed this.  These came at a time when we were so drained and exhausted and wondering if we have the energy to keep going at this pace -these Success Stories were just the boost we needed.  So I continue to so and each month I send them along and both Jean and Dr. Nemechek read each and every one.

I also began to share my daughter’s personal story with him and ask his advice about what we were seeing in regards to her recovery.  Some things I saw concerned me, or made me wonder if she was taking steps backwards.  Dr. Nemechek always answered me and put my mind to ease – he truly is one of the most compassionate, selfless people you will ever meet – and he knew that helping ME was inevitably helping EVERYONE.  He knew that the more he explained to me about the science behind the protocol, the issues that pop up, and the path to recovery, the more I could share with others.   Without question my daughter would not be where she is today without his help.  He has a brilliant mind.  He also has a brilliant sense of humor and an easy manner that immediately puts you to ease, and you can sort of forget that he is a “pretty big deal!!”

Hitting 10,000 members is also a pretty big and I am so thankful to be a part of it.  I have met some AMAZING people from around the world that I now consider friends.   I also want to take a minute to acknowledge the amazing Admins who so selflessly help run the group and do so out of the goodness of their hearts.  Without them I am sure the group would not run as smoothly as it does.  Dr. Nemechek is the reason people come – but they stay because of how helpful and supportive the group is as a whole.

So there you have it – the story of how we got here.  Ten thousand members and we are only just beginning!   As well…there are some pretty exciting things happening in the near future and I look forward to sharing more details soon!  So stay tuned and join the Facebook group if you haven’t already so that you don’t miss anything!


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