We have come so far…

But there is clearly further healing that still needs to happen.

Last year I was VERY hands on in regards to Sara’s education – mainly because she was mostly unable to attend classes, and we were trying to do as much as we could at home to prevent her from falling too far behind.

This year her attendance is stellar so I took a considerable step back.   Last week a series of events unfolded that made me realize that, in terms of cognition, Sara is not quite where she should be yet.

She is in fact, falling behind in some classes, she is still on occasion confused about requirement for school assignments and she is evidently still struggling with Dyslexia/Visual Processing skills (she was unable to easily read some worksheets).

There has been SO MUCH recovery that it was easy for me to let my guard down and assume that her cognitive skills had bounced back in the same manner that her energy and personality had returned.   At home, there is little evidence of the pervious struggles – she can now easily manage to stay on task for chores, homework and responsibilities.  She is  able to study for tests and retain the information – even for extended periods of time.  She has a level of comprehension that we have not seen in a long time – but apparently our home does not reflect the same challenges that are present in a classroom.

Additionally, the ball was dropped on the IEP and most of her supports from last year were not provided to her this year.  That is whole different blog post and an issue that has had me at the school all week long for meetings.   A struggle that MANY parents are familiar with I am sure!

So for now the additional classroom supports will continue.  We are not quite ready yet to remove any of her accommodations but I believe that it is only a matter of time!

Dr. Nemechek has explained to me how ADHD, cognitive delays and learning disabilities are all result from the failure of adequate oxygen supply to the brain.  He believes that with continued adherence to the Protocol she will recover completely.  We have also introduced VNS to help with further healing and improved neuroplasticity.   I am looking forward to seeing how this new treatment impacts her recovery!  Will keep you posted 🙂





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