She did it!!

Today was the LAST day of Summer School!!  YAY!  These 6:30 am wake ups are killing me so no one is happier about this than MOI!  Well…perhaps Sara is 🙂

It was a hard fought battle but she did it!  I won’t lie – it was NOT easy.  We did not breeze through this.  The first week was a shocking success based on last year’s experience (she did not have 8 days in a row of attendance the entire year!) and we naturally assumed that having the weekend to recharge would guarantee a successful second week – it was after all, only 3 days!

But no…she CRASHED over the weekend.  Not nearly as bad as what she used to crash like – but the weekend was filled with fatigue, nausea, difficulty regulating body temps, difficulty interpreting hunger cues, dizziness, confusion etc.   These are issues related to her dysfunctional nervous systems and given time will resolve if we stay on this protocol.

On Monday she got herself there with minimal effort but waking her was not easy.  Yesterday, was substantially harder;  she was starting to have issues with nausea again and last night was a pretty severe crash and burn which found me rubbing her back as she knelt over the toilet at midnight crying and yawning at the same time.

When I woke her today, the last day, I really had no idea what to expect.  So I was pleasantly surprised when she roused fairly easy.  But my joy was short lived and eventually I found her on the stairs, eyes closed and weeping about being so nauseas.  I asked her some questions, but there was very little understanding about what was being said to her.  I told my husband that it looked unlikely that she would make it in today.

And I was still so proud of her!  This has been one of the most amazing things that has happened in months and really validated that this protocol was improving her health and focus.

So, I assured her she did not have to go, but I asked her to come with me to the school to gather up her things, explain why she would not be attending and get her final report card.  She drove there with her eyes closed and I could see how exhausted she was. This experience has really taken it’s toll on her.

Then, we got into the class and the teacher raved about what a great student she had been, and how proud she was of her, and I could see Sara get taller and brighten.  When the bell rang Sara said “Actually, I want to try to stay”.  So I zipped home to get her lunch (and party snacks) and told her I would come back at first break to check on her.

When I pulled in she was outside smiling with friends and she made her way over and said “I am so tired but I am going to do this!”.  I hugged her (she hugged me back!) and I sent her on her way.  And she did this!!  She really did this!! YAY!!

She is home now – in jammies and curled up watching Netflix and we couldn’t be more proud of her.  Her future is looking brighter every day and we are excited to watch her get stronger and healthier!


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  1. Sara, so happy and proud for you. So happy for your success and progress, wishing you all the best as you go forward in life’s journey.❤️❤️❤️❤️🎨🏌

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