Summer School Success!

Last year Sara was unable to properly attend school as a result of her declining health.  Her final report card showed that she was absent, late or sent home over 150 days last year.    On the days that she was there she was often just occupying a spot or spending time in the sensory room.

They knew she was bright, and on a good day she was one of the brighter kids in the class.  On a bad day – she was unteachable.

I remember sitting in an IEP meeting discussing a plan to further modify her education so that she could be successful in school.  She has a math LD (learning disability) so the focus was on her math struggles.

It was suggested that we give her “life skills” math.  She would be on a separate program than the other Grade 7 students and she would learn skills like how to order off of  a menu and calculate the cost of the food, the tip and determine if she had enough money.

I was equally crushed as I was thrilled.  It was amazing to have them so willing to accommodate her needs but it was depressing because I wondered – “How did we get here??”  This child used to be one of the brightest in the class?  She used to get A’s and be finished her work first.  Now she was learning how to calculate menu items??

In the end I declined.  I knew she wasn’t “dumb” in math but rather the chronic fatigue and brain fog prevented her from focusing and following instruction.  On a good day she could “muck through” grade level work and on a bad day she wouldn’t even be able to understand menu math either.  So instead, we agreed to modify for AMOUNT.  Meaning that due to her health she would only be required to complete a small percent of grade level math and she could work at her own pace.

After we started the Nemechek Protocol and saw her health improve so drastically we decided to enroll her in Summer School for Grade 7 math.  I won’t lie – I had VERY low expectations that she would be successful.  Regular school started at 9am and Sara could never make it to school on time due to her severe fatigue.  She never attended a full week of school the entire year.  Summer school was only 8 days long but it started at 8am everyday and if you missed one class you could not pass.

We didn’t really care if she passed.  We just needed her to get SOME understanding of Grade 7 math before she moved on to Grade 8.  So we enrolled her and expected very little.

But she is doing it!!  She is up EVERY day at 6:30 am and at school on time.  Her energy is amazing.  And the best part – every day they get a feed back Report Card and this was hers on Wednesday:Summer school RC.jpg

No one has used the words “focused and on task” to describe Sara in years!  We were thrilled when we saw it!  So excited to see how she performs in September!  We are getting our little girl back!!

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