The Nemechek Protocol and our Amazing Update!

Sorry I went M.I.A.  A lot has happened since my last update.  For starters – we put Sara on The Nemechek Protocol and dropped everything else!  No additional supplements etc. just as the protocol outlines.

Within 10 days I could see that we were getting the same results as we saw before.  Two weeks later we started to allow her to have dairy again and it gave her no issues.  We have still not given back Gluten as she gets slightly queasy after eating it still.  But other than that she no longer has so many food restrictions!  Whew!

Now that I have we have started to see recovery I want to share with you how this protocol has helped Sara.  I think the best way to do this is to share with you some of the updates that I have been posting to Facebook

June 15 – I just posted an update about how well my daughter is doing on Dr. Nemechek’s blog!  Today is such a great day (and one of many in a row!) that I am just blown away! I know there is probably a “dip” coming but right now it is just great day after great day after great day. I keep waking up expecting to see her struggling but I open her door and she is wide awake drawing and smiling!  As the day passes I expect to see the crash. I pick her up from school and look at her eyes expecting them to be heavy and for her to go to bed when we get home. But she doesn’t. Then I watch all night for signs that she is about to spiral. Nothing.  It is so amazing!

June 19 – Nemechek Success Story!  I mentioned in another post that my daughter only got 4 hours sleep on Fri night and kind of had a “dip” in energy and symptoms this weekend as a result. Typically that “dip” means she will miss 1-2 days of school so it was a pleasant surprise to see her up at 7am (on her own-no alarm) and happy to head off to school.  I figured when I picked her up after school that she would “crash”.  But no! In fact,  when I picked her up she asked me to drop her and 2 friends off to go shopping at a vintage shop!!  I was shocked that she was still so bright eyed. Did as I was asked and dropped them off. Just NOW I picked them up – again expecting her to be barely functioning – and they are all now heading off to one of the girls house for a swim and dinner! Still shocked!

June 23 – Sharing our mini “miracle”!  My daughter has SPD and is very tactile defensive. She is 13 and has never once wanted a hug. I have videos of her at all ages pushing me away. As she has aged she has learned to tolerate my need to hug her and I have learned to make them short and sweet. She keeps her arms at her sides for every hug. Since starting the protocol I have noticed that she flinches less with personal contact. Last night I tucked her into bed and hugged her. Then I adjusted her sheets and turned and walked away. When I got to the door she said something and when I turned she had her arms extended open “asking” for a hug. She is 13. Never wanted a hug before. I picked my jaw up off the floor and ran in for a hug. It was the best hug ever! 🤗

July 5 – My Bad/Good update!  As I have said my daughter is extremely orally defensive. Going to the dentist is challenging as she hates anything in her mouth and the feel/vibration of dental tools etc. A year ago we began a desensitization program with an amazing dentist.   It took FOREVER to get her comfortable going. The first visit was come in and take her coat off. That was it. Second visit – take coat off, sit down and leave. It took weeks/months to get a proper cleaning. She has done pretty well at her last few visits.  Today was her first visit in a 3 months. I expected she would do ok given the last few. BUT she woke up on the wrong side of the bed today. So we get to the dentist and it find out that the hygienist who works exclusively with my daughter is no longer employed there. I died a bit inside. 😧 Worse we don’t have access to the only dental room she has ever been in! So she is “crashed” with a new hygienist and an unfamiliar space. I was sure it would be a disaster!  She aced it!! I could see she was thrown. I could tell she was unsure. But previously this would have gone south for us. Quickly and in a bad way. Today she was still joking and was able to tolerate ALL OF IT!  YAY!

July 13 –  My update: My daughter is still doing well on the protocol. She had a bit of a dip in energy and the return of abdominal pains etc. which persuaded me to finally put her on the Rifaximin to avoid a full regression.The Rifaximin caused the same 2-3 days of abdominal bloating and cramps as the Inulin so apparently there was still work do be done in there. Lol!Aside from that she is still blooming and thriving on this protocol!

Over the last year my daughter was so chronically fatigued that she was unable to attend school. On her report card it showed that she either missed (or was late) over 150 days last year – the school year is just over 220 days long.   Last year if, over the course of a weekend, she was able to go to a yoga class AND join us for a family walk we raved about what a good weekend that was for her.  Now we consider that a bad weekend (and yes we still get them!) and I am gutted for days terrified that we will lose all of this in a blink again.

Now – she races kids around the block. She goes swimming. She asks to go to the Trampoline park and wants me to buy the 2 hour pass not the 1 hour pass. She says “If you get the one hour pass I will only get about 40 mins of exercise because I have to take so many breaks. With the 2 hour pass I will have more time to jump”.

She has a mermaids tail that she used to be addicted to. She used to fly through the water. A year and a half ago she hung it up and has never put it on again. As she regressed she lost the ability to move her legs properly (and coordinate herself) and swimming in that tail was too hard. There have been a few times that we have been swimming and I used to suggest that she bring it but she always just shook her head sadly and said “Its too hard” Last night we went swimming. She went under water and swam the length of the pool. When she popped up she said “Darn! I should have brought my tail!”  My mermaid is coming back!!

And the next day this happened:  mermaid tail FB.jpg

And the day after, and the day after that and again after that!!

So yes this protocol is working for us – and countless others.  Success stories are posted regularly on the group and I am thrilled by them all!

If you would like to learn more about The Nemechek Protocol click HERE!







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