Paleo Fail-eo

Paleo did not work for us.  But it wasn’t for lack of trying.  After the results we originally saw when we went Gluten Free I was convinced that Sara’s issues were mostly dietary related.  Then, after we lost those all the success a few weeks later I was even more determined to strip away any offending foods and figure out what was causing all theses issues.  When our Naturopath told me about MTHFR and the need to go Paleo I was all in 100% committed to getting those results back.  And so was Sara.  She had a very tough month but she remained dedicated.

And it didn’t work.

In fact, she sort of went downhill.  There was again the initial successes (but nothing like we’d seen previously) she again had increased energy and was actually able to attend school 6 days in a row which was amazing for her.  She was still sleeping well and was showing a reduction in abdominal pain and digestive issues.

But just like the last time we started to lose the success.  It was subtle at first but then we started noticing the increase in stomach aches.  Soon they were everyday and getting more and more severe.  We went back to the Naturopath, who seemed equally confused, and she suggested a digestive enzyme.  Sara hated the taste and rarely took it so I was tolerant of the stomach issues thinking there were related to digestion.

Then she got Vertigo and again it was explained away by seasonal allergies.

Then her energy crashed and what seemed to be depression began to settle in and once again she was barely functioning and bedridden from pain and fatigue.

It was then that I had to step back and ask myself – Is this a coincidence?  Or is this the result of everything we’ve been doing?  How can it be possible that we have stripped away EVERY inflammatory food from her diet and things are getting worse?  We were giving her ALL the recommended (and “safe”) supplements and strictly following all the instructions handed down from our Naturopath.  How could all this “healthy” stuff be making her sick???

It was right around this time that we ran out of B12 and her Probiotic and I didn’t rush to go fill them.  I knew I had to figure out what was going on and re-evaluate the course we were on.  The fact that my daughters hearing was RESTORED to normal on a GF/DF diet but was now actually worsening on a Paleo diet made me suspect that the issues were revolving around something we were giving her.

That was when I learned about SIBO – small intestine bacteria overgrowth.  It was also when I decided to go back and took a harder look at something I had stumbled upon earlier called the Nemechek Protocol (named after Dr. Patrick Nemechek) and began to realize that I was in fact making Sara more sick.

SIBO (and this Protocol) is very complex and deserves a post of it’s own so I will follow up will a separate post explaining this condition.  Click here to go to that post!





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