Friday Fave!

When we started Sara on a Gluten Free/ Dairy Free diet I really worried that we would struggle to find decent replacements for some favorite foods.  I won’t lie…some things we are still struggling without – sour cream and yogurt come to mind.

But some of the replacement items actually kick ass and I will never return to a life without them!   Coco-whip is one of those items!!

It is soooo yummy! And my daughter hates coconut flavor so trust me when I tell you that it is only a slight, slight hint of coconut flavor – which is actually sad to me as I love coconut flavor!


The texture is exactly like cool whip or any fresh whipped cream product and it is yummy on anything.  I eat it right out of the tub!

Currently our favorite way to eat it is on top of a chocolate “milk” shake.  They are super easy to make: Throw some cashew milk and frozen chocolate sorbet (or dairy free ice cream) into a blender.  Add in a few heaping spoonful’s of a good quality dark cocoa powder and blend until smooth.  Top with a big dollop of Cocowhip and serve.

So good and just in time for summer!


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