Particle Theory.

I am reading a new book called “The Spark” and it has completely changed my mind about how kids learn and how to help Sara.  This book is a “must” for anyone with a child who is wired differently!  Needless to say I laid awake in bed all night as ideas sparked in my head and after I dropped her off to school I ran around and grabbed a bunch of items.

On Tuesdays I bring Sara home for 2 periods (she has exemptions from the subjects) and we do therapy etc.  Today I decided to teach her about Particle Theory which is something they are learning in class.  Something she finds boring and something I suspect she is not able to focus on in class.  So today she learned like this:

It was amazing!  She was engaged and focused and asking questions.  She said “I LOVE learning like this!  Can I learn math this way too?”  Which is pretty spectacular coming from a kid who has a math LD and math anxiety!  No idea HOW exactly I am going to do that yet but I will figure it out!

Later I asked her if she learned anything and she said she did.  Wanting to be sure I asked her to tell me one thing she learned.  Something that she did not know before we started (again they are learning this in class) and she said “ALL OF IT!”.  So I said ” I need to be sure you learned something so retell me the stuff we discussed”  and it all came flooding out; what particles are, how they react to temperature, how particles in solids move less and have greater attraction etc.  It was amazing!

I strongly encourage EVERYONE to read this book!

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