I Feel Like A Banana SPLAT!

Sara is currently suffering from an Iron deficiency.   We switched from liquid Iron to gummies and they clearly did not provide her the same results.  We have watched her energy decline this week.  She is in a fog again and this morning when she woke from a VERY long sleep she said “I feel like a Banana SPLAT!”.  We giggled about it but in truth there is nothing funny about it.  Sara has a lot of issues and they are all inter-connected so if one piece of the puzzle isn’t fitting THEY ALL fall out of place.

So her comprehension will struggle.  She will be easily confused.  Her memory will be useless.  He ability to focus and learn in class will suffer.  She will not feel like playing with friends afterschool so her social life takes a hit.  She will be too tired to read.  She won’t be motivated to do her therapy.  She is too drained to make good food choices.  Her mood will be altered. I could go on and on.

I am learning how to identify the deficit just by her behaviour.  I already had my suspicions based on her energy level this week.  Other cues are when she is no longer able to regulate her body temperature.  When she is ROASTING hot in bed and unable to sleep and we actually have to turn on the A/C in October so that she can fall asleep.  Today it was that she was ROASTING and it is 1C outside with a “feels like” temp in the minus range.  The most telltale of all the signs though is when her legs start to bother her.  Today when I asked her to shower she said “Can I bath instead because it is too hard for me to stand”.   So I gave her some Iron/B12 and sent her to bath.

Just one more aspect of her life that I have to micromanage and be diligent about or pay the price it later.

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